Friday Night Salsa at MooMoo, Cheltenham
Regent Street, Cheltenham GL50 1HA
2-4-1 Offer. Valid until 31st March 2019
Bring a new guest and both enter half price. Normal price £6. 
Either take a photo/screenshot of the voucher below or say 2-4-1 offer on arrival.
Want to meet more people and have fun whilst learning something new? Then give Salsa dancing a go, it's Cheltenham's biggest dance scene. Held every Friday at MooMoo in Cheltenham. No partner and no dance experience needed. Two left feet highly desirable! 
No need to book, just turn up and join in the fun. Special offer below.
Format for Friday Night Salsa at MooMoo, Regent Street, Cheltenham:
Doors open 8.30pm (arrive early to avoid the queue)
Lessons 9-10pm: Absolute Beginners Salsa in Pop Room, Level 2 Salsa in Lower Club Room, Level 3 Salsa in Top Club Room
After the lessons: Dancing to Salsa music in the Top Club Room, Bachata in Pop Room, both until 11.45pm. 
Price: £6.
Directions to MooMoo and Free Parking
As you enter Regent Street via Rodney Road, MooMoo is on your left, right opposite the entrance to the Regency multi storey car park. Enter through the grey double doors and make your way up to the top club room. Sat nav users search for 1, Regent Street Cheltenham or GL50 1HA

Parking: There is free parking after 8pm on Rodney Road Car Park, 1 minute walk from MooMoo (parking post code for sat nav: GL50 1XP). Or, free parking on The Promenade after 8pm. Or, parking right opposite the venue, £2.50 for the whole night.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is this Salsa Night at MooMoo on every Friday?
Yes it is. We also hold weekly classes on Mondays at Bishops Cleeve Tithe Barn. See for details
How much is it?
£6 or £5 for students. That includes around 1 hour Salsa class, up to 2 hours Salsa dancing and FREE ENTRY to MooMoo Night Club afterwards (worth £5). We also give you your 6th class FREE. And, if you bring a new member, you BOTH enter half price. If you wish you can pay by card. 
What time does it all start?
It's every Friday night. Doors open 8.30pm, lessons at 9pm, dancing 'til 11.45pm. Free entry to MooMoo night club afterwards, worth £5
What if I've never danced before?
If you can walk, we can teach you to dance. 99% of people who attend our classes have never danced before, apart from perhaps at a disco! These classes are all about 'Making Salsa Simple' so in your first few classes you will be learning some simple Salsa basics that anyone can do.
Can I just come and watch?
You could, but really, that's a waste of your entrance fee. Your best bet is to turn up, join in the fun and go wrong with everyone else. Messing up is encouraged, it's part of the learning process. 
I'm a bloke. Isn't dancing for girls?
Good question. Ask that to Darren Gough, the burly Northern ex-England fast bowler who won Strictly Come Dancing, or Evander Hollyfield who knocked out Mike Tyson (twice) and appeared on the show! Or, ask it of one SALSA SQUAD Founder, Paul, who has 25 boxing fights under his belt. No, it's not just for girls :-)
Will there be members of the public watching us?
No, we have exclusive use of the top club room for Salsa dancers only. And, the beginners have their very own beginners room so you can all have fun learning the steps together, celebrating when you nail it, and laughing out load when it goes a bit pear shaped :-) 
Do I need to bring a partner?
No. Most people come on their own although there are people who come as a couple. The way the classes work means dancers change partners every couple of minutes. Dancing with different people is the best way of improving. It also makes for a more sociable night out.
Will I feel out of place if I come on my own?
No, not unless you wear your fave' flamenco dress or bull fighter costume (don't do that). Lots of the people who attend come without a partner. During the classes we swap partners every couple of minutes so even if you bring one you wont be able to keep them to yourself for long!
What should I wear?
Most people come in casual comfortable attire, it's hot stuff so wear something cool. Its probably best to keep the high heels at home (especially the men!). Leather or smooth soles are best, not trainers as they grip too much and you may struggle with the triple spins ;-)
What is the age group?
It's over 18's. Most are in their 20's, 30's and 40's. Some are in their 50s. We have one gent who is 83. We have a nice spread of the generations!
What do I do when I arrive?
Go to the bar, grab a drink and down it (joking, or maybe not). Then, if it's your very first time, you and the other new Absolute Beginners will be eased in with a very simple 'Introduction to Salsa' Class. This will build your confidence and act as a great starting point for your salsa. It will also teach you enough moves for you to be able to strut your stuff on the dance floor after the class. 
Do you teach classes at higher levels?
Yes, as well as Beginners we also hold classes at Intermediate and Advanced level. All classes happen at the same time in different rooms. Then we all come together for Salsa dancing in the main club room afterwards.
Is there a bar?
Yes, we have our very own fully stocked drinks bar. If you're not driving, having a few bevies helps loosen your latin hips! 
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